Is reclaimed water safe?

Yes. To ensure safety, the highest standards established by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection are followed. System controls utilized by Pasco County Utilities are among the most stringent in the nation. There are no documented public health problems associated with the reuse of properly treated and disinfected reclaimed water.

The level of treatment received by reclaimed water makes it acceptable for the following uses:

  • Irrigating lawns and most landscaping.
  • Use in fountains and decorative pools (they must be clearly marked as containing reclaimed water)

The degree of treatment required for the use of reclaimed water makes it unsuitable for the following purposes:

  • Consumption by humans
  • Bathing, cooking, or toilet flushing in residential dwellings
  • Interconnection with any other water source
  • Recreational use involving body contact (i.e. swimming pools or outdoor showers)
  • Irrigation of vegetables or other edible crops which are not peeled, cooked or thermally processed before being consumed
  • Above ground, hose bib connections where a hose might be mistakenly used for any of the above

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