What happens if I can’t afford to pay the assessment when I get the bill? Will I lose my property?
If you can’t or don’t want to pay the assessment when billed, the assessment will be treated like any other tax due. That is, if the assessment amount or the annual installment is not paid off by the April 1st deadline for property taxes, the Tax Collector can sell off a tax certificate for the amount of taxes due. If no subsequent annual payments are made, the Tax Collector will continue to issue tax certificates for the annual amount due.

After a minimum of 2 years of non-payment of the annual assessment installments due, a tax deed for the property can be issued. If the tax deed is sold to a third party without the property owner paying off the amount due, the property owner could lose title to their property. According to the Tax Collector’s Office though, the loss of title under such circumstances occurs very infrequently since there are multiple opportunities in the tax certificate process for the property owner to address and pay any arrearages due before a tax deed is issued.

Should you ever declare bankruptcy, transfer or sell the property and an assessment amount is still due, the County at that point will seek to be paid for the full assessment amount of any proceeds available.

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