If I have a high bill, is there a way I can check for a leak?

The short answer is yes, that being said, leak detection can be at times difficult to determine what the source of the leak is or how to address the issue.

As an example, the picture below of the meter register face that shows the yellow arrow pointing to the red circular star on your meter register is a leak detector. This leak detector is capable of measuring down to 1/100th of a gallon of water passing thru your meter per the meter manufacturer. This can be a useful tool to determine if a leak is present, but you must be absolutely sure that no water is being used past the meter or a static water condition to get a true result. We advise contacting us prior if you feel you may have a leak to assist and educate you on how to trouble shoot your possible issue. 

Water Meter with Arrow Pointing Leak Indicator

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