What do I do if I am on a septic system and my plumbing is functioning sluggishly?
Conserve water as much as possible. The less water used, the less sewage the septic tank must process. Minimize use of your washing machine and consider utilizing a laundromat. Rental of a portable toilet for a temporary period may be another option.

Do not have the septic tank pumped out. Exceptionally high water tables might crush a septic tank that was pumped dry. If the problem is high ground water because of the rains and flooding, pumping the tank will not solve the problem.

Do not have the septic tank and drain field repaired until the ground has had an opportunity to dry. Often, systems are completely functional when unsaturated conditions return. Any repair must be permitted and inspected by your county health department.

If you cannot use your plumbing without creating a sanitary nuisance, such as discharging sewage on the ground, consider relocating temporarily until conditions improve.

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