Post Disaster Redevelopment Plan

What is Post-Disaster Redevelopment Plan?

A Post-Disaster Redevelopment Plan (PDRP) identifies how a community will redevelop and recover long-term after a disaster. It provides a method for transitioning from short-term disaster recovery to long-term redevelopment and finally to a stronger and more resilient future.The Plan covers policies, operational strategies, and roles and responsibilities for implementation that will guide decisions that affect long-term recovery and redevelopment of the community after a disaster. The Plan emphasizes seizing opportunities for hazard mitigation and community improvement, in line with the goals of the local comprehensive plan and with full participation of the citizens.

Recovery Topics

Some of the critical topics that are addressed by the plan are as follows:

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  • Business Resumption
  • Economic Redevelopment
  • Environmental Restoration
  • Financial Considerations
  • Housing Repair and Reconstruction
  • Infrastructure Restoration and Mitigation
  • Short-term Recovery Actions that Affect Long-term Redevelopment
  • Sustainable Land Use

Why do we need a Post-Disaster Redevelopment Plan?

Pasco County is vulnerable to a number of natural and technological hazards such as, hurricanes, flooding, tropical storms, forest/wildfires, tornadoes, and nuclear power plant incidents.Although we cannot completely avoid these disasters, we can definitely plan for a faster and more disaster-resilient, long term recovery. A Post-Disaster Redevelopment Plan makes this possible by providing a systematic planned approach that enables the local communities to quickly recover and that too in an efficient and sustainable manner.

Benefits to Our Community

  • Faster and more efficient recovery from disasters
  • Opportunity to rebuild a more resilient community in a sustainable manner
  • Local control over redevelopment and recovery

Approved Plan

Pasco County's Post-Disaster Redevelopment Plan (PDF)

PDRP Grant Application (PDF)

The PDRP is subordinate to the Pasco County's Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP). The Plan was officially approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and the Florida Division of Emergency Management in 2013.

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  1. Post Disaster Resources

Want guidance for post-disaster redevelopment?

The following is a list of useful links related to post-disaster redevelopment. It includes links to planning research, case studies, recovery topics and best management practices for disaster planning.

PDRP Guide

This is the Post-Disaster Redevelopment Planning - A Best Practices Guide for Florida communities prepared by the Florida Department of Community Affairs/Florida Division of Emergency Management. PDRP Guide (PDF)

Post-Disaster Redevelopment Plans (PDRP)

This is a resource site for communities preparing or interested in Post-Disaster Redevelopment Plans (PDRPs). It has links to post-disaster redevelopment pilot plans prepared by Hillsborough, Nassau, Palm Beach, Manatee, Sarasota and Polk Counties.Pilot Projects
Pilot Projects

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

This is an online guidance for the post-disaster period which includes, information about rebuilding resources, volunteer work, disaster assistance and insurance.
Strengthening Disaster Recovery for the Nation, September 2011 (PDF)

Environment Protection Agency

This includes smart growth strategies developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and, State and local partners for post-disaster recovery.Smart Growth Strategies
Smart Growth Strategies

United States Green Building Council

This is a comprehensive resource for green building strategies, climate adaptation and planning for resiliency.USGBC Resilience
Planning for Resilience

Division of Historical Resources, Florida Department of State Division of Emergency Management

This is a comprehensive manual that focuses on actions that a community can take, in coordination with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Florida Division of Emergency Management, and Florida Division of Historical Resources, to ensure that historic resources are appropriately considered in emergency management activities.
Disaster Planning for Florida’s Historic Resources

American Planning Association (APA)

This is a collaborative and multidisciplinary research conducted by the APA's Hazard Planning Center about post-disaster recovery and best practices for rebuilding sustainably after a disaster.
Hazards Planning Center

This includes a set of resources related to planning for resiliency (including a toolbox for planners), that have been compiled by the Florida Chapter of American Planning Association (APA).Resiliency

Florida Division of Emergency Management

This includes land use planning strategies and best development practices for minimizing vulnerability.Florida Best Development Practices
Florida Best Management Practices

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