Listed Species

  • Pasco County Comprehensive Plan Chapter 3 – Conservation Element and the Land Development Code Section 803: Listed Species require that all applications for Developments of Regional Impact, zoning amendments, and site development where listed or protected species are documented, or have the potential to occur, shall include a preliminary habitat assessment, which at a minimum, shall include: identification of on-site habitats, soils maps, survey methods and/or transects, and direct observations of any listed and protected species.
  • Further information is provided in this Listed Species Presentation
  • Pasco County Natural Resources Crews Lake Gopher Tortoise Recipient Site was permitted with Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission  (FWC) for a total 144 tortoises. This site is for gopher tortoise relocations that are necessary for the construction of Pasco County Infrastructure Projects ONLY including, but not limited to, stormwater, roads, facilities, utilities projects, and Pasco County School Board projects. Private entity development projects shall NOT be accepted at the Crews Lake Gopher Tortoise Recipient Site. The Crews Lake Gopher Tortoise Recipient Site is managed and monitored according to the most current FWC gopher tortoise permitting guidelines and FWC Gopher Tortoise Management Plan.  Please follow this link to learn more information about the gopher tortoise and relocation. 
  • For information about the Crews Lake Gopher Tortoise Recipient Site please call the informational hotline (813) 929-2764.