Dog Bite Prevention

Dog and child

Dogs may not be able to speak, but they can tell us without words how they're feeling. By reading a dog's body language, you can tell if they're stressed, scared or aggressive.

Warning signs

If a dog is displaying any of these behaviors, they may bite if pushed.

• Yawning

• Lip-licking

• Trembling

• Lifting a front leg

• Lowering their head

• Backing up or cowering

• Rolling over on their back

• Averting their eyes

• Hard stares without losing focus

• Stiff body

• Raised hair on back

• Growling

• Showing teeth

Ways to prevent bites

• Don’t leave small children along with any dog.

• Leave dogs alone with they are sleeping, eating, or chewing on a bone or toy. If you must remove an object, trade it for something else.

• Avoid hugging or kissing a dog or putting your face near their face.

• Don't force a dog to move by pulling its collar or fur, and don't restrain or pet a dog trying to get away. Avoid cornering a dog.

Should you seek help?

Many problem behaviors can be addressed through management, training or changing the dog's environment. However, in cases of severe aggression or fear, seek help from a professional behavior specialist.