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What is Plant for Pasco?

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to demonstrate the County resident's vulnerability to food insecurity. Programs supporting our most vulnerable communities are burdened with the increase in demands for fresh foods. The Pasco Food Advisory Council is committed to ensuring all residents of Pasco County have access to safe, nutritious, affordable, and locally grown food. FPAC helps to facilitate community organizations meet the demands of local food pantries through the encouragement of locally produced garden produce and other available foods. 

FPAC has partnered with the Network to End Hunger (TBNEH), a tri-county leader in hunger relief, research, and program development, as it expands its Creating a Regenerative Community Food System (CRCFS) program into Pasco County. This program diverts food surplus from the waste stream. The program hopes to inspire and educate community members to sustainably manage their food, in a more responsible and impactful way to improve community resiliency. 

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