Swim Lesson Scholarship

Scholarship Guidelines/Eligibility

The scholarship program is available to Pasco County Residents ages 3 to 8 years of age. 

The Florida Income Eligibility Guidelines for Free Meals, from the Pasco County School Board, are the guidelines utilized by the Parks, Recreation, and Natural Resources Department for awarding scholarships. 

To be considered for scholarship assistance, applicants must meet the following requirements: 

•    Parents, legal guardian, or custodian must provide two proofs of identification that verify they reside in Pasco County.

•    Letter from school confirming current edibility in the Florida free meal program. (Children who are not enrolled in school, may use a letter from an older sibling. 

•    Families that do not have any children enrolled in school may write a 1 page hard-ship letter as well as submit documentation such as proof of government aid (WIC & etc). 

•    Email aschuering@pascocountyfl.net to receive more information on how to apply for the Resident Scholarship Application. 

Additional Information

•    The Pasco County Parks, Recreation, and Natural Resources Department will begin accepting scholarship applications beginning on May 29, 2021. 

•    All supporting documents must accompany the application for the request to be considered. Incomplete applications will be denied.

•    Requests are handled on a first-come, first-serve basis. The Parks, Recreation, and Natural Resources Department is not responsible for applications lost in the mail.

•    Scholarship approval does not guarantee enrollment into the Swim Lesson Program. Applicant must follow the registration procedure for the program. Check with Veterans Memorial Park for registration or call (727) 861-3033.

•    Forms provided by the school board must be from the most recent school year.

•    Eligible programs are the Pasco County Parks, Recreation, and Natural Resources Department’s Swim Lesson Program.

•    Limit of 2 children per family per calendar year. Family benefit limit may not exceed $75.00 in a calendar year. 

•    Applicants receiving scholarship funds from another agency will not be eligible for a scholarship.

•    All other possible scholarship opportunities may be relinquished if a scholarship recipient does not show up for a program without notice.   

•    Scholarships will only be granted if funds are available. Recipients will be notified by email. 

•    We thank the scholarship recipients and their parent/guardians for abiding by all rules and regulations and for always displaying appropriate behavior, acting in a courteous, respectable manner while participating in County-sponsored activities. 

•    For additional information, please contact Veterans Memorial Park at (727) 861-3033.