Florida Friendly Landscaping™ (FFL)


Introduction to FFL

Did you know? Florida-Friendly Landscaping principles are helping members of our community create vibrant, resilient landscapes that protect water and help wildlife. 

Florida Friendly Landscapes come in all styles and sizes.

Want to create a pollinator paradise? FFL can help!

Looking to transform that "trouble spot" into something with real curb appeal? The nine (9) principles of FFL can help you design and maintain your ideal landscape (without draining your wallet or the aquifer!)

For Florida Friendly Landscaping information, please contact:

  • Kate Kaste, Florida-Friendly Landscaping Program Coordinator 352-518-0156
  • Florida-Friendly Landscaping Program Coordinator 813-929-2716

National Invasive Species Awareness Week is February 22-28, 2021. 

We’ll be sharing information on why invasive species matter, and tips for identifying and removing common invasives. Plus some easy suggestions for avoiding invasive plants – i.e. “plant this, not that.”
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Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ FAQ’s

Q: What does a Florida-Friendly landscape look like?

A: Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ (FFL) isn’t a single look or style. It’s about matching the right plant with the right place, and providing the right care at the right time.

Every community is unique. Landscape conditions vary. Well-designed Florida-Friendly Landscapes look vibrant and attractive, while using less water, fertilizer, and pesticides. Anyone can apply the 9 Principles of Florida-Friendly Landscaping in a way that fits their community’s aesthetics and landscape goals.

Q: Is Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ the same as Xeriscaping?

A: Although Xeriscaping and FFL share certain goals, they are very different concepts designed for very different climates. Because Xeriscape was developed for arid climates that receive minimal rainfall, it is often inappropriate for our unique Florida climate, which can include extreme wet or dry conditions. Therefore, the Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ program was designed to emphasize adaptable, site-appropriate plants, stormwater filtration, and protection of water quality, as well as water conservation.

Q: Is FFL messy or unkempt?

A: Many people wonder whether Florida-Friendly landscaping will look “messy” or “weedy,” but well-designed & maintained Florida-Friendly Landscapes can absolutely look vibrant and attractive.

Florida-Friendly Landscaping isn’t a single look or style. The 9 Principles of Florida-Friendly Landscaping can be applied to any landscape in a way that fits a community’s unique aesthetics and landscape goals. It’s about choosing the right plants for the right place and reducing the constant application of irrigation, fertilizer, and pesticides. HOAs and municipalities can still require that Florida-Friendly Landscapes meet certain standards of upkeep and maintenance (if designated in local codes, ordinances, or deed restrictions). For guidance on incorporating FFL into HOA community standards, please see: https://ffl.ifas.ufl.edu/community_association_kit.htm

Septic Systems

There are many frequently asked questions about septic systems.  For more information on the most recent research about septic systems' contributions to nutrient pollution, visit:  water.ifas.ufl.edu/septic-systems/faq/