Compliance/QA Ethos

Compliance/QA Ethos

When a citizen calling into Pasco County's Emergency Communications 9-1-1 Center requests emergency assistance, the 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Operator (ECO) follows specific processes, polices, and procedures to ensure that the person in need of assistance receives the best possible care.

Since 2007, the Emergency Communications 9-1-1 Center has utilized the renowned, medically approved system known as the Medical Priority Dispatch System. Subsequently, the Emergency Communications 9-1-1 center has adopted the equivalent Fire and Police Dispatch Systems.

Compliance words

Each Communications Operator utilizing the Priority Dispatch System Protocols, in the performance of their duties receives specialized training, certification and recurring re-certification by the National Academy of Emergency Dispatch (NAED).

As a valued asset of the Emergency Communications 9-1-1 Centers' Quality Assurance Program, the duties and responsibilities of the Quality Management Unit include and are by no means limited to:

  • Providing positive reinforcements to ensure that the Priority Dispatch System is effectively and efficiently utilized, and that the employees fully understand the critical, multi-level processes that are involved when in receipt of a request for emergency assistance.    
  • Measuring, evaluating and thoroughly reviewing the effects of the Priority Dispatch System such as maintaining protocol compliance, its effectiveness, accuracy and safety.
  • Effecting the necessary changes and subsequent improvements through the Departments' Continuing Dispatch Education Program and in-service training, daily feedback and reporting.