Technical Services

 Public Safety Communication Center Police Fire 911 and Radio Dispatch

The Technical Services Division manages and oversees the technology related systems for the Emergency Communications 9-1-1 Center. The primary duties and responsibilities of the Technical Services Division include:

  • Oversees technology solutions and submits recommendations for improvements to the Emergency Communications 9-1-1 Director
  • Manages project upgrades to the Department's technology systems
  • Manages and cultivates vendor relationships
  • Assists in the development of the Technical Services Division budget
  • Obtains comprehensive quotes and reviews technology purchases
  • Assists in troubleshooting and resolving technical related issues
  • Coordinates all system upgrades
  • Department liaison for public safety responders and other agencies utilizing Pasco County services via the Emergency Communications Center
  • Develops and maintains the Departments technical documentation
  • Creates and develops presentations
  • Submits monthly reports

The Technical Services Manager reports to the Chief Information Officer but may receive technical direction from the Emergency Service Director.

The Technical Services staff is responsible for maintenance and technical support of the following technology systems currently used in the Emergency Communications 911 Center:

  • Superion One Solution Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)
  • Harris 800 MHz P25 Phase II Digital Radio System (Coming FY18)
  • Harris EDACS 800Mhz trunked radio system
  • Harris Symphony Dispatch Consoles (Coming FY18)
  • VPI Telephony & Radio Recording System
  • Airbus/Vesta 911 Telephone System

The daily technical operational needs for Pasco County's Public Safety Systems are consistently monitored and evaluated by the Technical Services Division for quality assurances in functionality and the availability of services.

Technology-related purchases for the Emergency Communications 911 Center follow the county procurement policies.