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MOBILITY 2040: A Vision for the SR 54/56 Corridor, also known as Vision 54/56, is a study designed to define a transportation vision for the future of the SR 54/56 corridor, from US 19 in western Pasco County to Bruce B. Downs Boulevard. The corridor is being evaluated in two segments:

  • Segment 1: US 19 to West of US 41
  • Segment 2: West of US 41 to Bruce B. Downs Boulevard

The main objective of this study is to develop consensus on the best solutions for addressing congestion, safety, and mobility within the SR 54/56 corridor. The study is being carried out in two phases:

  • Phase 1: Defining the Alternatives – The purpose of Phase 1 is to:
    • Facilitate education and discussion of possible solutions for the corridor.
    • Identify, discuss, and reduce the universe of alternatives to 7 (plus 5 complementary alternatives).
    • Document the Phase 1 efforts, present the results to the MPO Board, and obtain a decision as to whether to move forward to Phase 2.
    • Phase 1 - Completed
  • Phase 2: Evaluating the Alternatives and Selecting a Preferred Alternative – The purpose of Phase 2 is to:
    • Evaluate the 7 (plus 5 complementary) alternatives resulting from Phase 1.
    • Facilitate extensive public engagement and outreach.
    • Select and refine a preferred alternative.
    • Develop an implementation plan.

                          Study Area Map

Study Area Map