Shovel Ready Sites

What It Is. Why It Works.

Businesses, sometimes location consultants, weigh a number of factors before committing to move or build a business at a specific location.  The process of evaluating potential sites is called "Site Selection" and generally addresses these key components:

  • land costs 
  • proximity to markets 
  • the local labor force 
  • infrastructure availability
  • time to market

All of these factors are important to the site selection process, but most often state and local governments have the most control over time. Time delays add to the direct cost of a project, including increased construction cost, infrastructure cost, and loss of business revenues while waiting to open.

"Shovel Ready" usually refers to commercial and industrial sites that are ready for (sale and) construction have all of the following procedures completed:

  • planning
  • zoning
  • surveys
  • title work
  • environmental studies
  • soil analysis
  • public infrastructure 

Pasco County can save businesses significant development costs and become more attractive to developers by increasing our available inventory of "Shovel Ready" sites.

Ready Certification - A Key to Economic Success

The Jobs and Economic Opportunities Trust Fund has allowed Pasco County to offer a program that partners with private land owners, developers, and businesses to bring sites to the 'Ready Certification' classification and market them as such. 

The Ready Sites Program, administered by Office of Economic Growth in partnership with Pasco EDC, accomplishes the following: 

  1. Determine appropriate communities for site development through analysis of available resources
  2. Select sites that can prepared specifically for targeted economic development projects
  3. Complete feasibility analysis regarding site preparation requirements
  4. Identify permitting necessities 

Ready Certification is a proactive approach designed to help attract new industries, new companies, and new jobs for the future. Ready Certification helps provide Pasco with a competitive edge for attracting new businesses in today's global economy.

Selecting Sites

For more information about site selection and ready site certifications, click the links below:

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To apply for this program and funding, please review our Office of Economic Growth policy and application:
Application Material (PDF)

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